Zeta Amaltea has a large experience in evaluating water management systems to identify improvement opportunities and correct deviations in strategic objectives fulfilment. Our work comprises audits of water plans, focusing on their weakness and general recommendations for their improvement.

We have particularly worked with several public administration in order to implement the EU Water Framework Directive, such as plans to keep the good status of groundwater and suface water resources.

We follow the guidelines contained in the recently released Blueprint to Safeguard the EU’s water resources. Zeta Amaltea participates actively in the European Innovation Partnership on Water (EIP-Water), especially regarding its goals about Decision Support Systems and Water Governance.
Our solutions are along with the digital basin concept, which is based on the combined use of technologies for real-time monitoring of water cycle; such as remote sensing, advanced information systems, climate scenarios and forecasts and simulation tools as physically-based hydrological models.

Spatial data technology for water planningThis combination of technologies yields in personalized Decision Support Systems, with multiple benefits for the efficient management of water and energy, evaluating and controlling existing environmental regulations, assessing climate risks and adopting adaptation solutions and a better general ability to design more effective management strategies, among others.

Zeta Amaltea knowledge and experience comprises updated hydrological modeling, ICT and Risk Analysis tools as well as Information systems and Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI). These technologies, combined together, yield reliable simulations of physical processes in the soil-water-atmosphere continuum, providing solutions to many different challenges of Integrated Water Reources Management (IWRM).

Our team involves several experts in specific issues, working together and complemented by a wide range of partners and technological allies, enabling us to offer solutions and alternatives to a variety of environmental and engineering problems.