Water optimization in agro-food industries

Geoslab is a partnerUniversity of Zaragoza is a partnerA project funded by the Spanish program IMPACTO, aimed to encourage applied research by private bodies. The project, called “OPTINAGUA”, is headed by ZETA AMALTEA with the partnership of GeospatiumLab and the University of Zaragoza (CIRCE).
Development and commercialization of an IT tool to audit the efficiency of water and energy resources in agro-food industries.

OPTINAGUA – Optimizing water use in agri-food industriesThe goal is to develop, introduce and validate a software tool addressed to perform material balances and audits of water and energy of Agrifood businesses.

The tool must combine economic, energy and environmental issues. OPTINAGUA is based on well-established and existing methodologies such as the “water footprint”, the “life cycle analysis” and the “Water pinch”, among others.

We must yield a comprehensive indicator able to quantitatively measure the economic and environmental efficiency of water use in agro-industrial facilities.

Water use auditsThe water and energy audits are the starting point to improve agro-industrial processes and to increase efficiency in the use of resources, while creating a positive effect on the environment and incrementing the businesses competitiveness. OPTINAGUA offers significant advantages for the company:

Identify improvement opportunities in the supply chain, as well as technical solutions to increase the economic and environmental efficiency of water use.
Seal of quality, differentiating the company from the competition, as it incorporates quantitative indicators and reference values to evaluate their production process regarding water use efficiency.
Anticipating national and European conditions and policies


OPTINAGUA is an INNPACTO project, coordinated by Zeta AmalteaZeta Amaltea heads an INNPACTO project supported by MINECO.

OPTINAGUA is supported by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness through its Program INNPACTO 2012.