We are an environmental consultancy addressed to Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) in all sectors (public administration, industry, agriculture, engineering, civil society, etc.), considering sustainable development and social welfare. Our goal is to provide solutions to future challenges in water and environment.

ZETA AMALTEA was founded in 1997 in Zaragoza, Spain, by a team with a broad experience in the fields of engineering, consultancy and business management.

Our knowledge and experience comprises updated hydrological modeling, ICT and Risk Analysis tools as well as Information systems and Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI). These technologies, combined together, yield reliable simulations of physical processes in the soil-water-atmosphere continuum, providing solutions to many different challenges of IWRM.

Our team involves several experts in specific issues, working together and complemented by a wide range of partners and technological allies, enabling us to offer solutions and alternatives to a variety of environmental and engineering problems.

We dully appreciate the personal and professional commitment of our team with customers and society as well as with innovation and technology. We are commited to significantly contribute to the prosperity of our social environment.