Environmental Consulting

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We are a Consulting specialized in Hydrological Planning, Hydrogeology and Agro-Hydrology. We address all aspects related to the characterization of the water environment, intelligent monitoring, water uses, the analysis of problems and the proposal of the most appropriate measures for water security.

ZETA AMALTEA was founded in 1997 in Zaragoza, by a team with extensive experience in hydrological planning and hydrogeology.

Our experience is based on the realization of more than 350 projects, at national and international levels, which include hydrological and agro-hydrological modeling, the intensive use of modern Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), risk analysis tools and the aspects of Water Governance.

Our technical team is reinforced with a wide network of alliances and external collaborators that allow us to approach in a transdisciplinary way almost all the environmental and technological problems that arise in practice.

We strive to comply in a professional manner with the regulatory requirements and requirements of our clients, using the latest knowledge and offering innovative and efficient solutions.

At ZETA AMALTEA we are committed to the 2030 Agenda and align our activity with the Sustainable Development Goals.