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Engineering activities in the subsoil frequently face problems derived from the presence of groundwater, the affection of the works to the aquifers or the problems that the underground water supposes for the execution of the infrastructures.

ZETA AMALTEA offers solutions to these problems from the investigation of the hydrodynamic characteristics of the aquifers and of the interactions between the works and infrastructures and groundwater.

The offer of services in applied hydrogeology integrates aspects related to civil works and mining:

  • Tunnels and underground works 
  • Disease studies
  • Permeability, drainage and leakage studies
  • Geological control of wells and wells

With urban hydrogeology, in which the profound alteration of the natural environment and the complexity of the interactions between infrastructures, processes, activities and pollutants determine the management guidelines of the underground environment.And with hydrogeological uses in general:

  • Design of water uses and evaluation of the resource (gauging and pumping tests)
  • Geothermal exploitations and thermal impact evaluation
  • Characterization of aquifer contamination
  • Resource studies

ZETA AMALTEA relies on the use of advanced information technologies (ICT) in the characterization of aquifers, monitoring, telecontrol and modeling of underground flow and transport (mass and heat), simulation of scenarios for decision making and analysis of risks. We apply the most appropriate information capture strategies to the scale of the heterogeneity of the problem (high resolution hydrogeological characterization), in order to offer adequate solutions in technical terms and cost / effectiveness.