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Economic and environmental optimization of water use in industrial sectors

Project within the IMPACT program, led by ZETA AMALTEA and with the participation of other private and public entities of Aragon: the technology-based company GeospatiumLab and the University of Zaragoza, through CIRCE and the Advanced Information Systems Group (IAAA) .

The main objective of the project is the creation, implementation and validation of a computer tool that performs material balances, water and energy audits in companies of the food industry of Aragon. This tool will be based on a proprietary methodology that combines economic, energy and environmental aspects.

The technological development of Optinagua is based on existing well-established and extended methodologies such as the “Water footprint”, the “Life cycle analysis”, the “Water pinch” and the “Physical hydronomy”. The final result is the construction of a global indicator that measures numerically the economic and environmental efficiency of water use in this type of facility.

This type of audits are the starting point to introduce improvements in the processes that allow increasing the efficiency in the use of resources, creating a positive effect for the environment and for the competitiveness of the companies themselves.

OPTINAGUA offers outstanding advantages for the company:

  • Identification of opportunities for improvement in the productive chain and technical solutions to increase the economic and environmental efficiency of water use. These technical solutions are aimed at improving industrial processes that give companies greater competitiveness in the global market.
  • Seal of differentiating quality to the company with respect to the competition, since it incorporates measuring elements and reference values ​​to compare its production process with the rest of the sector.
  • Anticipation of the demanding national and European regulatory trends
  • Visibility and presence in the media as a collaborating company and under the umbrella of eco-efficiency in the use of water and energy


This project has been financed by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness through the Innpacto 2012 program.