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Water and agriculture are inextricably linked.

ZETA AMALTEA offers several services related to agriculture, especially in irrigation applications.

Irrigation means around 70% of the world’s water use. Irrigation needs could increase in the near future, due to the combination of global warming and population growth. Therefore, improving the efficiency of irrigation is an imperative today.

Irrigation can be improved using the appropriate technology. In principle, the most appropriate irrigation method should be considered. For example, switching from surface irrigation to pressurized or drip systems can save thousands of liters of water. However, this transformation may involve excessive energy expenditure and requires careful study before proceeding with the investment.

Spain has made an impressive modernization of its irrigation in the last 20 years, with the help of the European Union. This experience can be exported to any site with irrigation improvement needs. ZETA AMALTEA can provide the most modern and appropriate technology. We work in collaboration with AERYD, the Spanish Association of Irrigation and Drainage, which represents, through its members, one of the most powerful irrigation technologies in the world.

We use the most modern special tools for the design of irrigation systems, taking into account local aspects such as topography, soil types, hydrology, etc. We also help optimize systems to minimize water and energy losses.

Drip Irrigation System Close Up

We also help to perfect irrigation management. The water needs of the crops can be determined daily from the meteorological data. Automatic stations record all the necessary variables in the calculation of Penman-Monteith evapotranspiration, as well as precipitation. The information is processed remotely and sent to users.

We have all the necessary equipment to measure the properties of the soil. We regularly offer measurements of texture, density, organic matter, field capacity and wilting point, which are the basic properties for a personalized irrigation management, according to the characteristics of the soil.

We use the most modern functions of Pedotransference for the estimation of hydraulic properties, both in altered and unchanged samples.

At ZETA AMALTEA we are experts in agrohydrological simulations. Current models allow the simulation of all hydrological processes related to irrigation. These agro-hydrological models can be used to improve irrigation, maintaining good environmental conditions in soil and water.

The simulations are calibrated and validated in the field, with the help of humidity sensors, located in selected plots and depths.

At ZETA AMALTEA we cover the entire soil-water-plant-atmosphere system following a physical-based approach and using the most current technology.