Although we have conducted many works in these years, we want to especially remark the following:

Simulating nitrate leaching due to agricultural practices

Hydrogeological, soil and agronomic characterization of Ebro River and major Tributaries, as well as soil and groundwater modeling of nitrate flux, in order to evaluate the performance of the action plans undertaken to meet the Nitrates Directive. Nitrates Env/Es/478 LIFE. LIFE NITRATES (Environmental Management Navarra, SA, 2012-2014).

Advanced Water Management for a Productive Agriculture in Oman

Water Agriculture & Life Llc (2013-2017) is an Omani project aimed to design and implement a management system connected to a sensoring network that enables real-time monitoring of groundwater quality and quantity, for hydroponics irrigation and other agricultural water uses.

Optimizing Water Use in Agricultural industries (OPTINAGUA)

OPTINAGUA aims to develop, introduce and validate a software tool addressed to perform material balances and audits of water and energy of Agrifood businesses. The tool must combine economic, energy and environmental issues. OPTINAGUA is based on well-established and existing methodologies such as the “water footprint”, the “life cycle analysis” and the “Water pinch”, among others.

System of Environmental Accounts for Water in Guadiana River Basin

Zeta Amaltea participates in the proposal GuaSEEAW (System of Economic and Environmental Accounts for Water in Guadiana River Basin) funded by DG Environment of EC, for SEEAW implementation in Guadiana river basin

Other projects we have conducted:

  • Support to Water Framework Directive (WFD) implementation in Ebro Basin. (Spanish Ministry of Environment. Directorate General of Water, 2004-2006)
  • Preparation, implementation and Publication of Ebro River Basin WFD Measures (in collaboration with INTECSA – INARSA, 2007-2012 )
  • Project Compostilla. OXYCFB300. Geologic Storage of CO2 (Compostilla Project). Hydrogeological control injection wells and observation of CO2 in “Hontomín” technological development (Burgos).
  • Assessing the Environmental Services regarding the Wildlife of Ebro River in Zaragoza. Assessments of the groundwater microorganisms as bio-indicators of self-purification processes (Confederación Hidrográfica del Ebro, 2011).