Hydrological Planning

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ZETA AMALTEA has a long experience in the evaluation of water management systems, to identify opportunities for improvement and correct deviations in compliance with the objectives imposed by the Water Framework Directive. Our work is based on deep audits of the hydrological plans, detecting their weaknesses and recommending the corresponding improvements.

In particular, we have worked with several administrations in the implementation of the European Union Water Framework Directive, in tasks such as the development of plans to maintain the good state of the waters, guarantee the ecological flows of rivers and other similar.

We follow the guidelines of the European Commission on how to care for water resources in the EU (Blueprint to Safeguard the EU’s water resources). ZETA AMALTEA participates actively in the European Association for Innovation in Water (EIP-Water), through several of its groups, especially with regard to the objective of the EIP regarding the development of decision support systems.

Our solutions are based on the concept of a digital basin, combining sensors for monitoring the water cycle in real time, satellite image processing, advanced information systems, climate scenarios, seasonal forecasts and simulation tools such as modern hydrological models. physical basis.

This combination of modern technologies allows the generation of customized Decision Support Systems, with multiple benefits for the efficient management of water and energy, guaranteeing compliance with current environmental regulations and adopting effective solutions to climate risks.

Modern technology, in the expert hands of ZETA AMALTEA, ultimately allows generating the best water management strategies for a basin or region.

ZETA AMALTEA offers adequate solutions to the difficult challenges posed by integrated water management in current watersheds, with different water users, with often contradictory needs and all facing a significant increase in climate variability and the imperative of guaranteeing good water quality. quality of the waters.